Senator Sally Turner reacts to FY25 Budget

State Senator Sally Turner (R-Beason) issued the following statement after Democratic lawmakers passed a budget that spends more than $53 billion in Fiscal Year 2025:

“Today, Governor Pritzker kept his promise to raise taxes on Illinois citizens by a billion dollars so that he can spend a billion per year on programs for non-citizens.

“On Memorial Day weekend, Illinois Democrats chose to allocate more than three times as much funding for non-citizens than to the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs for vital services for our nation’s veterans. This is wrong – plain and simple.

“Meanwhile, hundreds of residents who work at the Logan Correctional Center are currently waiting to find out if they will lose their jobs or be forced to pick up their lives and move their families to another part of the state. These Illinois citizens are rightfully wondering: would this be happening to them if the billions of dollars we will have spent on non-citizen programs had been used to address the deferred maintenance at the Logan Correctional Center? A question they may never see answered.

“This budget is just another example of this Administration failing to make the citizens of our state their priority.”

Sally Turner

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